MA in Digital Management Series

Forging trust by widening the Johari Window

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What is it?

Don’t step forward, leap instead!

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Shifting yourself from a Coping — to a Thriving state of mind.

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Sit yourself down, Mr Rabbit.

My chair, through the test of time. Photo by Author.

“Mr Rabbit, spare me a few minutes will you?” said the Tortoise.

Redesign our thinking today

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Why, what has changed?

My Responses are at last separated from my Published!

My Screenshot, and my fingers are trembling now!

Marie Kondo bugs caught up with Medium

My Greedy wish

Opening yourself to new possibilities.

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The enabler for growth and living

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Failure to is infinitely worse

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Something way better than being average

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Andy Ang

Research-Practitioner specialising in Knowledge Management and Trainer in Team Dynamics. Creator of The Stakeholder Grid Method™

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