Sit yourself down, Mr Rabbit.

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Did I give myself away too much with the title? That is fine. You are too busy to finish reading anyway, right?

“Mr Rabbit, spare me a few minutes will you?” said the Tortoise.

Are we moving too fast everywhere we go? Come, join me on a trip to the grocery store. Getting to the end of the aisle to grab that box of cereals, whisking to the next for the milk. Keeping an eye on the queues at the cashier. Pushing the cart a little bit faster, just to get ahead!

Yes! Got into the queue ahead of a…

Redesign our thinking today

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“We can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions.” — Albert Einstein

Why, what has changed?

Challenges that we face today include but not limited to critical global issues; urgent demands for medical breakthroughs; fast-changing social needs; problems that cannot be solved with data alone. All the needs to create new business models.

The common denominator leads to the same culprit — We are living in a highly globalised world. The world is brought much closer as air-routes reach most part of the globe. Telecommunications and infrastructure get established, and adoption rates spiked due to the COVID pandemic.

Now, every change is increasingly intertwined with…

My Responses are at last separated from my Published!

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Alright peeps, this is gonna be a quick one. I mean typing this quick as I am shivering.

At last! Viola! The Responses are separated from our Published!

Gone are the days of messiness.

Marie Kondo bugs caught up with Medium

I am not sure of the reason but I would like to think about it this way. At least we are able to unclutter our Published box. Probably Medium has finally decided to bring order to all the writers out there. Or perhaps somebody in the team has caught an episode of Marie Kondo’s and inspired to finally do this despite YEARS of request from us.

My Greedy wish

Opening yourself to new possibilities.

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We grow and we learn ever since we are born. We play and explore. We received guidance from our parents and then our teachers. Eventually, the harsh world starts to become life’s greatest teacher.

Let’s turn the table a little. How about sharing? When did you start sharing what you have learnt? As an old wise man, a teacher, a senior in high school, as an older brother telling your younger sister that there are candies in the fridge? It goes a pretty long way back, isn’t it? …

The enabler for growth and living

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It is human nature for us to seek safety. When we are threatened, the fight or flight mechanism within us would step in and only ease, when either the threat has been neutralised or when we finally got to safety.

It is only when we are safe, that we will start to rest.

It is only when we are resting, that we resumed our curiosity and start to explore the environment around us.

When we want to learn, when we start to play — These can only happen when we feel safe.

So what qualifies as a safe environment for…

Failure to is infinitely worse

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What is your favourite part of the day? For me, it is the moment when you first wake up in the morning. The warmth of the bed makes snoozing the best. Working from home due to COVID allows me to sleep in. Till 10:30 when I do my daily check-in with my colleagues. By the time that ends, it’s already lunchtime!

I have been repeating this cycle for months, and there is one big problem. Nothing gets accomplished each morning. I have been wasting my life.

I must put a stop to this. Let me make a change by waking…

Something way better than being average

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The word excellence can be called upon as a quality, or an attribute of being truly the best at something.

Being Excellent is about the attitude to always be exceptional or extraordinary.

Being Excellent is so much better than Being Average.

Striving for excellence in life will give your life positive challenges that allow you to feel happy and excited. This is especially true when your actions and work are bringing values to others.

There will be a sense of purpose and intrinsic satisfaction, knowing that you are giving your best, both for yourself and others. …

Makes Hell Lotsa Difference!

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This is not yet another article on Effective Communication. Instead, it is about Emotional Communication.

When the mouth spewed faster than the heart

Emotional communication is a process of exchanging messages that evokes and influence a person’s emotional state. This includes both verbal and non-verbal messages, that are mostly received by one another intentionally, but sometimes unintentionally.

Sigmund Freud, the founding father of Psychoanalysis, once said that “Words have a magical power. They can bring either the greatest happiness or deepest despair.”

When you receive a message of “I love you” from your lover, will that bring a smile to your face? …

The problem is, how?

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Let’s spend a moment to think about emotions. When is the last time that you were angry at something or somebody? Go on, I will wait.

When was the time that you were happy? How do you feel? What is the emotion that you had?

Doesn’t having emotions make our life great and awesome?

Emotions are what made us, human.

The world against us

How often that when we mention the word “emotions”, and it brings about a negative connotation. You hear people saying, “Don’t get too excited”, “Don’t be so angry”, “Hide your fear” or “Stop, being emotional!”

Seemed like people are going…

Andy Ang

Research-Practitioner specialising in Knowledge Management and Trainer in Team Dynamics. Creator of The Stakeholder Grid Method™

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